Pretty much everthing has been thought of or done before. This is also true for this latest good idea of mine. Which is actually a stolen idea. A friend of mine writes a yearly Christmas letter to her friends and family in which she sums up, what happened to her and her folks during the year. I enjoy so much reading up on what’s been going on in her life, that I decided to do something similar. A regular state of the Neilson report, if you wish. I don’t know how enduring this new project of mine is going to be. But without a start, nothing ever begins. As I am not confident enough that I will be able to put together a stringent summary of events important to me this last year without boring the shit out of you, I thought of starting out with something like a miscellany. Here we go:

shit happens
Let’s get over with the bad stuff happening to me this year right at the start. Both incidents caused by stupidity.
I. my own stupidiy
I lost my license in July. Which leaves me on foot, tube, train or bus untill Mai 2011. To be fair, it had to happen at one point. But it is a nuisance, nevertheless. An expensive nuisance on top. The fine was so hefty that my next car might turn out even worse than the old one was, due to the hole in my funding. But then again, quote Alanis Morissette: I’ve got one hand in my pocket and the other one is flippin’ a cigarette.
II. my staffs stupidity
All of my office staff with the exception of the bookkeeper ganged up to defraud company funds. So I had to sack the lot. Including my deputy and friend. The court cases are still in progress and the entire, sad affair pesters me no end. Plus, I had to stand in during the last three months, as full replacement of staff will be reached as of coming Monday.

life is good
In general, though, I have to say: 2010 was a great year.
Here a little activity list, all incidents an enriching experience:
– my regular winter-visit to my family and friends in Austria.
– spending some time on my friends porch
playing some bridge, not successful but hugely enjoyable
– watching great sports, in 2010 it was soccer and the regular top golf tournaments, topped off this year with Europe winning the Ryder Cup.
– surviving the heat wave. Mind you, my office was located in a tin container up untill recently.
– my cousins’s visit in September
– exploring the amber coast of Poland
– finally moving into our new clubhouse a couple of weeks ago. Real walls. Heated office. Pleasure de luxe.

and then some…
What would life be without music? Mine would be dreary. Hence you won’t be spared my favourite tracks of the year. I’ll try and keep the list short.
1st and foremost: Mr. Charlie Winston, In your hands

2nd Giant Sand, Increment of love

3rd Bombay Bicycle Club, Word by word

And here’s the short list of life gigs I visited in 2010, each worth every penny spent on tickets and even more:
– Seasick Steve

– Gustav

– Macy Gray

my view of the world
I also kind of re-discovered how much fun taking pictures is. On hindsight it was propably a good idea to change my breadwinning profession to a different field, but after refraining from photographing sprees for a long while, in 2010 I ventured out again. My personal favs are those:


“these are the facts of the case and they are undisputed”
As I haven’t read much last year, you just escaped a list of book recommendations. That surprises me, come to think of it. I always used to read a lot. And love it. What happened? Maybe its my eyesight. I have to wear spectacles nowadays. Somehow, I haven’t gotten the hang of using them in bed, yet. Which is my favourite reading place. But on the other hand, maybe I found better things to do in bed, instead of reading? Which brings me to the best thing in my life. My sweetheart. I wont bore you with details of my love life, but honestly, I would not have thought that it is possible to fall for the same person more than once. All my relationships prior to this one kind of based themselves on the initial flooding of emotions, hormones, chemicals, memories and what not happens, when first falling in love. True, over the time they each lasted, well-loved or -hated habits slipped in and as always, some extend of self-transformation in connection with closeness to another human being took place. But basically, my relationships survived on this special memory engraved in my heart. I shudder, thinking about the vast amounts of time I have – I wont use the term wasted – used (or needed) holding out in dead end loves, clinging to that memory. On hindsight it looks as if I had spent my life solely in the past. I feel there is a different quality in being with that particular man. There is not a week passing in which I don’t discover something new (and likeable or better) about being with him or about the person he is. Ok, now I did bore you with said details. But I am not going to apologize. As I wanted to explain, why 2010 was such a good year, this has a great deal to do with it.
All in all, that doesn’t sound awfully spectacular. But that’s my life. Not spectacular. Albeit unique. You know what? I like it. And I wish for you to like yours, too.


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