knit report

I hardly can believe it. I did finish not only one but three pairs of socks. As I found out, knitting is a great way to pass the time on the train to and back from work. First, I was a bit worried about the reactions of onlookers. Plus, I didn’t particularly want to give the impression of being an old lady, knitting in public. But as I can not concentrate on reading on a train, I was getting bored and fed up with doing nothing more than waiting for arrival while commuting. So I started to knit on the train. Actually, no one gives a toss. The only reactions I got were of a friendly or enquiring nature. All of them from females. Older ladies would smile sometimes, maybe recalling their own needlework. And a group of young, spanish girls were asking to have a closer look at the then almost finished sock I was working on. They had obviously never before seen how such a thing was made. Anyways, the socks will make fine Christmas presents, I hope. And now I lost it all together. I started out on a jumper yesterday. This seems to be quite a different story. As the progress after hours of work is next to invisible.
I am curious about the results. But I have to say: knitting is a great past time in winter. Never mind the image I give myself. After all, I am originally a country girl, just not from Schwarzwald.



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