I love Berlin. But some things about it will always remain a mystery to me. For instance: the forecast predicted a blizzard of some force for yesterday. Well in advance. It was a bit late, given. It was supposed to start around midday. With gale force winds and lots of snow. Actually, it was arriving in the evening and it was not much of a blizzard. Regarding amounts of snow falling. Negligible, really, about four inches. The wind was unpleasant, though. Anyways, one would think, Berlin would prepare for a blizzard. All men ready at the snowploughs. But they seem to work on the premiss, that snow surely melts in spring. My sweetheart and I drove through Berlin, more skidded through it, around midnight. No snowplough in sight. Not a single one. Which is not entirely true: we saw one, parked under the cover of a bridge. Hiding out. Maybe hibernating. Waiting for better conditions, I guess. Honestly, such a thing would not happen in Austria. Every winter I am surprised, how badly they handle snowfall in Berlin. Regularly the salt runs out or else roads stay uncleared for weeks on end. Thus, huge blocks of ice form eyerywhere, turning a walk or drive on it into a hazardous adventure. Honestly, I can recommed Berlin to learn from its little alpine neighbours in the south. Snowploughs are a superb invention, use them, whenever indicated.



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