Whether by coincidence or not, I do not know. But right now everyone seems to be on sunnier shores than me. Reports of arrivals of friends at various climatically privileged regions reach me. My best friend and his familiy just touched down in his hometown Perth, Australia. A blog pal is off to some warm island in the sun. Another friend sends pics of himself, with a glass of tequila in his hand and a first class sunrise from Cancun, Mexico in the background. And I sit here, slowly recovering from the worst flu I had in a long time, staring out into the darkness of a Berlin winter morning. Knowing that I’ll have to work through the festive season. Am quite fed up with feeling weak and cold, though. So I’ll just cheer myself up with a nice tune.

Les Hommes Sauvages, Blast of silence


2 thoughts on “envy

  1. Best wishes, dear. I think it doesn’t help to say that it’s 23° down here… On the other hand: Dark winters in Germany can be an influence for some great poetry or art in general. Maybe that’s the way to cheer you up?


    1. Oh, thanks. Reading this cheers me up after a long day working. And as soon as I am really well again, I’ll try my utmost on the atrs department, promise…
      Enjoy the sun.


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