macy gray

It was so good to see her again. She looks very different. I last saw her maybe seven years ago in concert. She looks like a woman now, not like a girl. The gig started, like I expected it: brilliant, energetic. Her band, the Sexbeans she called them, are just great. This is what a L.A. band should sound like. In the middle bit she did a medley of her old hits which I thought a shame. But maybe this is just me. As each and every one of her old songs has such a special, personal meaning to me. The rest of the concert almost passed me by. As I started to mull over the fact, that her music always had such a big influence on me. Odd, but something shifted on Saturday evening. As I can’t describe it yet, I’ll just post “That man” from her new album “The Sellout”. It’s my sweetheart’s favourite track from that album.

That man, Macy Gray


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