winter sounds

Finally two days off work. Last night I noticed winter in its beauty for the first time this year. Walking to the bus stop in the snow. The air crisp with cold. The distinct gnashing sound underfoot that snow makes when it is very cold outside. Where I come from in the Alps, that sound is described as: the snow screams. Ususally indicating very low temperatures. As a soaring headache pestered me all week – I guess it was caused by the fumes of the adhesive the floorers used and the stink of paint still lingering in the new house – it was such a relief to be out in the fresh air. So I walked for a couple of stops, just for the fun of it. And this morning nothing but spare time lies ahead. For two entire days. Coffee will be ready any minute now and the best bit comes tonight: my sweetheart and I are going to see Macy Gray at the Postbahnhof. I have been looking forward to this for weeks now.

Macy Gray, Don’t forget me


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