house of cards

As expected, the hopes of my young teammates turned out to be no more than a house of cards collapsing. We lost the team competition fair and square. I still enjoyed playing, though. First of all my new partner is fun to play with. A polite, calm person with sense behind his actions. I invited him into my league team for next spring and he was happy to accept. And second, the opponents were fun, too. All of them much more shrewd and far better players than we are. So, for me things were hunkydory. But the visiting pair from Kaiserslautern almost had tears in their eyes last night. I guess due to exhaustion, frustration and disappointment. They are only youngsters and their recent successes mislead them completely about their abilities. I felt sorry for them. But it will be a good lesson learned. Bridge is a difficult game and by no means anyone ever just sailed from success to success without the odd disaster reminding them of how big ones own shortcomings still are.
But the extra effort every evening this week takes its toll on me, too. So I take a break tonight and give this special week one more try tomorrow at the final pairs tournament. That will be it with cards for a while. As we already start packing our boxes at work. Next week we finally get to move into our new clubhouse. Am all excited already.

House of cards, Radiohead


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