night walk

The simple pleasures of life. Last night my sweetheart and I took a two hour walk through the woods in the evening. Our shoes will need a good clean as the ground was still soggy from the days rainfall and we sploshed into puddles once in a while. But I had great fun. It must be ages ago that I was in a wood at night. I was surprised to find it so quiet. I recall woods being noisier in the dark. Small animals rustling to and fro. But maybe this is so, because I used to be there in summertime. Or the stillness was owed to the fact, that the woods we walked last night are so close to inhabited areas. Plus, the woods I used to be in when I was a kid were mostly in the alps. Needle beams only. Treetops slightly swaying in the breeze, sounding in a distinct whizz. Music, almost, a noise that embodies home to me. But here, the trees are broad leafed. Or used to be. Now they are mostly barren, last weeks gusts having taken most of the leafs down. Anyways, the only sound to be heard was the rustling of leafs underfoot. And our own breath. I thought it very romantic. Have you ever noticed that if you get close with someone, sometimes the breathing synchronises?



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