Black Thursday

Never go away for a weeks holiday. Tuesday and Wednesday I learned the bad news, developing, while I was having a jolly good time. Not that I was able to digest it fully. But after one horrid day yesterday – and a sleepless night, I have to add – this morning I had to sack all of my team. On the spot and all of them were asked to leave as they were. With all I mean the office staff with the exception of the bookkeeper and one temp, whose contract lasts for two more weeks. This truly, honestly black Thursday leaves me empty, disappointed and sad. So sad, I can not even begin to tell. And I am blocking out all the trouble I am facing in the backwash of this. How on earth can I put together a new team in record time? It’s a nightmare. One big, fucking, almost unbearable nightmare. Sorry, but I had to tell it as it is. I will or will not let you in on the whys – I don’t know yet – however, this blog is the only way I can let a little steam off. And now, I will have to leave you and drink myself to stupor. Or some such.


5 thoughts on “Black Thursday

      1. nee, das danke bezog sich auf deine aufmunterungsgrüße. ich seh erst jetzt, dass man das auch falsch verstehen kann, so wie ich das hingeschrieben hab…


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