Still, no one has taken the cup yet. Due to rain delays all over again. Everybody was asked to come again tomorrow, as the evening settles in over Celtic Manor in Wales. They just managed to finish the foursomes and fourballs this afternoon, play impossible all morning. The singles will have to be played tomorrow, wheather permitting. As some of my English golf professional friends remarked with too dry a humor, considering the wet conditions, on the internet earlier on: A: “Think they have to seriously review holding the Ryder Cup in October in the UK ? Its pissing down again in Wales & now the PGA are thinking of playing the singles matches on the Wii Box…? ?” B: “I think your sarcasm is a bit harsh, Mark. Come on. Who could have possibly predicted rain? In October? In Wales? In October? IN OCTOBER……??” A:”In 4yrs the Ryder Cup is at Gleneagles, if it’s in Oct they might even get a snow delay ! !” However, both of them still should be in a good mood, as team Europe has been soaring this afternoon, taking the lead with a reassuring 9 1/2 : 6 1/2 to start into tomorrows singles.


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